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San Buono

A simple country house,  with its warmth from the brick-red tiles that wrap you up in its past and last, you have arrived!

San Buono is also tastefully furnished, enchanting you with its beauty and comfort. Surrounded by countryside full of vineyards and olive groves,  the delicate scents of wild thyme, wistaria  and roses are abundant.  A path of lavender and rosemary leads you to a stunning view of the world, and also to a swimming pool where you can dive among the vineyards.

San Buono is, therefore, home, a place of welcome, tradition and love, and as Oscar Wild once said “I adore simple pleasures. They are the last refuge of the complex...".

San Buono is an emotion that we hope to be able to share with you!

Address: Via di torrita Montepulciano (si) - Phone: (+39) 328.96.15.187 - Email:
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